I used macromedia fireworks to create these outfits, I made shoes, tops, jeans. I made them in layers and put them together at the end I had these four outfits,
these can be mixed and matched with each other for formal wear or just casual clothes.
the first out fit is like a summer dress beacuse of its summer colours. it can be worn with pretty much any shoes
the secon is more of a sping/autumn out fit the bue skinnys add a really pertty new coulor to your day:)
the third is for hanging round town and stuff
the third is for a celebrity going to the oscars...obviously


/to make these pictures I found a picture of hannah montana and then four places in the world (or on cartoons) and posted her in them so it looks like she has gone to these places :) hannah montana has some cool friends :)))

web banners!

here are some web banners i found on the internet.



here is the web banner made by me.


i researched about web banners, what they look like, what people like to see and thiongs like that, then i made one about MTV.
i put some pictures of the shows and awards what channel its on and its main logo (top right). to make it I used macromedia firworks and made it with layers.. for this one i used jersy shore ( popular mtv show) emma watson from harry potter at the MTV movies awards and the MTV logo.