op art
find out what op art is
is an illutional art that is black and whitewen looked at for a long time it looks like the picture is moving , changing shape or has a hidden picture in it.

the work of briget riley



It was during this time that Riley began to paint the black and white works for which she is well known. They present a great variety of geometric forms that produce sensations of movement or colour. In the early 1960s, her works were said to induce sensations in viewers as varied as seasickness and sky diving. Works in this style comprised her first solo show in London in 1962 at Gallery One run by Victor Musgrave, as well as numerous subsequent shows. Visually, these works relate to many concerns of the period: a perceived need for audience participation (this relates them to the Happenings, for which the period is famous), challenges to the notion of the mind-body duality which led some people to experiment with hallucinogenic drugs (see Aldous Huxley's writings); concerns with a tension between a scientific future which might be very beneficial or might lead to a nuclear war; and fears about the loss of genuine individual experience in a Brave New World.[5[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Riley#cite_note-4|]]]


I made my own op art in the paint app , i started by making a boarder then adding lots of lines to the page the added some weird shapes and filled every second one in black.



whiloe doing op art i learnt about what it is and how to make it
i learnt who bridet ruiey is and about her work

peer evaluation by chloe
Erin Op afrt looks mean as , cuz it had a line throuqh the middle of it and it looks like mount maunqanui , she made it well but nest tim eshe should rub out the lines at the sides to make it look tidyer:L. yup