Elwin's dream

saving the takahe

by Ali Foster
illistrated by Viv Walker

We choose a New zealand book (Elwin's Dream saving the takahe) We then read the book and found that it had a quote that came up through out the book, "An egg is an egg and a chick is a chick, and they must be kept warm... no matter what." we decided that this would be a good quote to base our animation around then we needed to find a scene to animate. The scene we thought that explained the quote best was the very last scene in the book with a mother hen nurseing the chicks.

I drew the backround first, a small box with a green back round and then the mummy chicken. I decided that I wouldnt draw all the baby chicks just the takahe chicks because the story is more about them and it didnt really need the chicken chicks. then Chloe animated then birds to make it look like they are moving round there nest.

Next we put some writing on it saying the title of the book, Elwin's dream saving the Takahe by Ali Foster and the quote we chose, an egg is an egg and a chick is a chick and it must be kept warm no matter what. This will pop up at the end of the animation.